Live Roulette

The roulette casino game is amongst the most common and preferred casino games of all time. You have seen it in many movies and it is more than a must for a casino to offer a roulette game to their customers. This time, you are offered the supreme live roulette game for your convenience by the elegant live casino feature.

A brief glance at the history of roulette puts us back in the 18th century where we have the first form of the roulette game in France. According to the Hoyle gambling books, in 1886 the roulette game had a range of numbers between 1 and 28, a single and a double zero. It also had an American eagle slot which was the symbol of American liberty which soon disappeared from the forefront and only number slots remained for the roulette game. Following, in the 19th century, there was a devastating spread of the roulette casino game in both Europe and the United States. There is an old saying that François Blanc, supposedly made a deal with the devil in order to acquire the roulette secrets due to the fact that if someone sums up the numbers 0-36 of the current roulette game as we know it, the total sum is 666 which is the Number of the Beast. Lastly, from 1970 to 2008 there was a worldwide spread of the roulette game in casinos that made roulette the most common and popular game as we all know it nowadays.

Where to Play Live Roulette

Get ready for your elegant and convenient live roulette experience that some of the best online casinos are offering. High definition camera secures a supreme gaming environment followed by a live dealer and a clear picture of every movement around the roulette table. We guarantee the best live roulette gaming so far. Sit comfortable, browsing this tremendous live roulette feature of our casino and enjoy the thrill of the wheel, spinning and giving away enormous prize pots.

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How to Play Live Roulette

The roulette game is a simple casino game based on luck. However, there are some important rules and definitions that potential players need to be aware of before they start their live roulette journey. First of all, the live roulette game consists of a spinning wheel, which hosts the numbers 0-36. There is a white ball that lands on a number after a spin of the wheel. The bet table of the roulette consists of the numbers 0-36 and there are also some other betting options. More specifically, you can bet on the first, the second or the third set of 12 numbers, you can also bet on the set 1-18 or 19-36 and on the options even, odd, black or red.

The roulette idea is to figure out, on which number the white spinning ball will land on. Hence, you need to guess and put your bet on that specific number in order to win. There are several ways in order to bet on the roulette game. You can either bet on a single number, splitting a bet between two numbers, “street” betting as it is used to be called that consists of a three number bet, the corner bet that includes four a number bet and finally the six number line bet. All these bets have different winning outcomes that will be explained below in the winnings section. The red or black color betting, even or odd, column or 12 set number bet, and high or low are all considered “outside” betting due to the fact that they do not include a specific number bet. All the other specific number bets are called “inside” bets.

Let us start playing now. The first thing that someone notices in a roulette table is the minimum and maximum bet located in a placard and a board that displays the previous number spin outcomes. Every player gets different distinct color chips. For the roulette round, the dealer gives a brief time space to all players to put their bets on the table. After that, the white ball is thrown into the wheel and starts spinning along with the dealer announcing “No more bets”. As soon as the ball lands on a number, the dealer marks the winning number, clearing off all losing bets and pays the winners. That’s it. Pure luck.

What to Win on Live Roulette

When it comes for roulette winnings, you should keep in mind that all different bets pay out different winning prizes. Concluding that if you bet on a single number, the winnings are 35 to 1. For a split betting of two numbers, you get 17 to 1. The three number “street” bet pays out 11 to 1. The four number “corner” betting pays out 8 to 1. The six line betting pays out 5 to 1. These are the “inside” bets as we mentioned above. For the “outside” bets, you get 1 to 1 pay out for a color bet (black or red), even or odd and high or low. The column or the 12 set number bet pays out 2 to 1. You can easily conclude that according to the maximum bet of the specific casino roulette, the 35 to 1 single number bet can get you really high winning prizes in every round.

Software Developers that Make Live Roulette Games

NetEnt LogoThe best online gaming software developers of the market have provided their latest tech in the live casinos for this extreme live roulette feature. No worries of the gaming environment because it is characterized by extremely high quality gaming specifications. Without any doubt, live roulette will amaze you and you will feel that the thrill of the live roulette spinning wheel is not much of a difference than a land-based roulette casino experience. Many of the online slots and casino game developers are offering some kind online baccarat game, the most known of them are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Betsoft.

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