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It is an undeniable fact that Live Casinos have recently dominated the online casino industry. The majority now provides a separate live casino section or there are virtual sites that specialize only in live games. These games are actually a new advancement and a contemporary approach of the classic table casino games that have already been provided in an online version. In fact, what online casinos wanted to accomplish, is transfer their online players, who in any case play from the comfort of their house, into a real life casino experience, just like being on a land based venue.

That venture became more than feasible to a certain extent due to the significant progress of the technology of live streaming and from then on, new online casinos made the adjustments needed, creating live casino rooms with plenty of table games and web cams showing the live dealers. As a player you can now see the actual dealer, who may either be male or female the most of the times, as he or she deals out the cards or spins the roulette in front of them. This is the exact feature that gets online casino players closer to the experience they have when being in land-based casinos.

This whole new live casino endeavor seems to have positive effects on the gambling industry since more and more online players opt for this type of gaming. It is true that players find it more convenient to play from the comfort of their houses or from anywhere else using either their PCs and laptops or their mobile phones and tablets than dress up and drive to the next land based casino. Let’s not forget to mention the eminent features, the great bonus offers and the special settings. Because of all the above, Live Casino has become beyond doubt a very popular type of gaming activity amongst the vast majority of the online casino high rollers. In case you look for the latest sites, try New Casinos instead, which also feature a live section for British players.

History of Live Casinos

Looking back at the history of online casinos, we at New Live Casinos concluded to two main factors that caused a broad discontent to the online players, such one, which paved the way for the introduction of live dealers. In the first place, the players of online casinos came into controversy, as they were skeptical about the random number that generated outcomes were displayed in the online version of the various table games. Online casino players could not see the process as he could in a land-based casino and that made them feel a bit uncomfortable.

Another reason of displeasure was the fact that there was no realism in the online casinos as in the land based ones where players wage bets against a visible dealer, a real human. To sum up, these tangible reasons led new online casinos to start Live Casino schemes as it was a solution to the general dissatisfaction.

That was not at all an easy endeavor though. Many problems aroused, especially in the early stages of live casinos because of the serious technological limitations. Live casinos required video live streaming over the internet in order to operate online and as we all know, until a few years back, transmission speeds and internet capacity were low, which resulted in poor video transmission and highly pixilated pictures. Nevertheless, as internet technology developed, faster transmission speeds led to better live streaming and such problems were soon solved.

Nowadays, Live Casinos are constantly coming up with something new just to make sure that they provide the best live casino experience to their players. Newer and smarter casino themes, tremendously beautiful live dealers, real live sounds and high quality video streaming are characteristics that have led to a complete live casino environment and of course to increased popularity. Live Casinos are indeed on the rise as more and more online players are constantly taking up the habit to gamble in a land based environment from the comfort of their home.

How Live Casinos Work

It is expected that questions have been raised as to how Live Casinos can come to reality. Three are the main aspects that have led towards that interesting perspective and are analyzed further below:

– First and foremost is the Player Interface. In the majority of the Live Casinos consists of the screen of the live dealer, an interactive control panel and a tip box. The interactive control panel is of great usability as it carries out a number of actions. It allows players to place their bets, be in touch with the dealer, read instructions about how to play, check their account’s balance and look at previous betting hands. There are also some live casinos that offer players the option to zoom into the table and have a closer look at the cards. Of course, they need to install the appropriate software before the use of it or it may not be needed at all as other casinos offer no download feature.

– At the second place come the live Dealers. As we have already mentioned, the live casino games are an advancement of the classic online casino table games, however live dealers appear in your screen due to live streaming video. The options here are the same as on the land based casinos where you can choose the dealer you wish amongst a variety of beautiful people who possess that stance. The dealers seen on screen are real live dealers, which means that you are able to see them and hear them but they can’t see you!

– Additionally, it is the Casino Rooms. Players are also given the option to choose the casino room that they would like to operate on. Casino rooms can vary as to their appearance and atmosphere and in some online casino rooms the angle of the camera can be adjusted according to the players will. Cameras are used to stream live video of the dealer which means that online casino players can hear and see the card being flipped, wheels being spun and the dice being rolled.

How to Play Live Casino

Even though the majority of the newest and the established online casinos offer players the option of a Live Casino gaming activity, it is not guaranteed that players will take it up as a challenge. Players are required to register before they start to play and decide to place a deposit. We at New Live Casinos however, recommend our readers to firstly perform their playing skills on the demo option that many live casinos offer, so that they avoid any embarrassing moments of misunderstanding. The winnings from new live casino games vary and they depend on the bets. Each new live casino comes with some requirements, so new players must go through all the terms and conditions before they sign up, only to know what is expected.

Live Casinos Vs Land Based Casinos

There are many potential players that find themselves hesitant to choose amongst the two prevailing options. Whether to opt for the classic choice of a Land Based Casino or to go online and play on a Live Casino is an issue that has lately stirred up a lot of controversy and needs further analysis. Nonetheless, we at New Live Casinos will try to shed some light on the differences between Online Live Casinos and Land Based Casinos, which may help clarify some of the confusion.

– Online Live Casinos offer their players the unique opportunity to live the real thing of gambling not only from their house but also from wherever they might be. Players do not need to travel long hours to get to the closer land based casino, which can be an issue sometimes. The location of the casino, traffic and the lack of parking amenities can be deterrent factors to visiting land-based casinos. On the other hand, connectivity issues or website maintenance downtime can be problems as far as Live Casinos are concerned.

– Online Live Casinos provide their players with great bonuses and promotional offers while at the land based casinos there are no benefits like these. Moreover, the RTP (return to player) is much higher at the online casinos, 90-96%, compared to the 70-75% offered by the land based casinos. The overheads of online casinos are much lower than the land based casinos and as a result, online casinos can provide a much Higher RTP to their players.

– Land based casinos are thought to be places for social interaction. Online live casinos do not offer this possibility since players do not get to meet people like in traditional casinos. Chat features in online casinos have made progress towards that way but still cannot replace the physical social interaction.

– If you are a new player at land based casinos, you may be taken advantage of professional who can intimidate you and make you feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. Online live casinos offer free demos, free support, free games and guides to help you improve your style of play.

Except from the above differences, online live casinos set a better choice than land based casinos because they have higher accuracy levels, better transparency, more payment options and they complete procedures much faster.

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